Frequently Asked Questions

Is Parkour/Ninja Safe?

Every athletic activity has the potential to be dangerous if not practiced safely. If practiced safely, Parkour and Ninja have a much lower risk for injury compared to more mainstream sports. This is due to progression. Every movement/skill in both Parkour/Ninja have a progression to them. You start at the beginning and you slowly progress your way up while strengthening both mind and body in order to do more advanced skills. At Dexterity Depot, safety is always a top priority. We teach our students both healthy and safe training methods in order to minimize and even avoid the risk of injury. We teach our students all the progressions to movements/skills so that they can work their way up to more advanced skills safley. We teach our students to understand their limits and to not push themselves too hard to the point of injury. Accidents do happen, and that is why at The Depot we have some of the best mats and pads available, including six 12in crash pads, a foam pit, and more.

What Should I bring with me to the Depot?

We recommend brining a water bottle, however if you forget we do sell water bottles on site for just $1

What should I wear to The Depot?

We recommend wearing comfortable athletic clothing that you are able to move freely in and closed toed shoes with good grip.

Does The Depot have anything for adults?

Yes! We offer classes, open gyms, private events, and more to all ages 6+

What is the difference bewteen Parkour and Ninja?

American Ninja Warrior or Ninja Warrior (Sasuke) is the world’s most difficult obstacle course. Originating in Japan, the obstacle course consists of four grueling stages that test every physical athletic ability such as grip strength, balance, speed, agility, lower body strength, upper body strength, hand-eye coordination, and more.

Parkour is an art of movement. What is art? Art is the creative expression of one’s self. So Parkour is all about expressing yourself through movement. Parkour is all about overcoming obstacles, not just physical obstacles such as a wall, handrail, etc. but mental and emotional obstacles as well. Parkour is all about getting from point A to B in the most efficient way possible. Parkour encompasses many different movements such as, vaulting, jumping, climbing, and flipping. Movements from other disciplines such as gymnastics, break dancing, martial arts, and many more, have also been integrated into Parkour.

Although Parkour and Ninja are both about overcoming obstacles, they are each very different in terms of movements, philosophies and more. Even though they are very different, they do share some of the same movements and they are great ways to cross train for one another. For example many Parkour movements are used in Ninja obstacles and obstacle courses. An example of this is a Parkour movement called a wall run and the warped wall.

What if I am not athletic or have never done Parkour and/or Ninja Before?

That is completely okay! Our classes are a great way to try both Ninja and Parkour no matter what your experience level or fitness level is! Every movement has a progression, so no matter how much experience you have there will always be ways to improve and get stronger, faster, etc. It is our goal at The Depot to help you reach your full potential! Our coaches will do everything in their power to help you reach your goals!