Dexterity Depot can be traced back to Tim Dexter building his own American Ninja Warrior Training Course in his parent's back yard.


Cumberland Valley Parkour 

As a freshman in high school, co-owner Tim Dexter attempted to start a Parkour Club at school. However due to liability issues, the participants in the club could not do too much movement. Tim still wanted to share his love for movement with others. He then began teaching Parkour classes out of  a local park as Cumberland Valley Parkour. Classes started out slow, but then after some time, the Cumberland Valley Parkour classes grew to over an average of 10 students per class and had over 160 different students over the course of time.  


Tim Dexter Wall Training


Parkour and American Ninja Warrior (ANW) Training had a huge impact on Tim’s life. Parkour and ANW Training helped Tim to overcome many obstacles in his own life. When he was younger, Tim went through a really difficult time, struggling with severe depression and anxiety. He had no self-esteem and had hit rock bottom. Parkour and ANW Training helped him to overcome those obstacles and changed his life forever. What started as a hobby and way to cope, soon turned into a passion and future business for Tim. Tim knows how much of an impact Parkour and ANW Training had on his life and he knows it can help others just as it did for him. He wants to share his passion and love for movement, so that he can help others to live healthy and happy lives.



beyond training 

As Tim continues his growth as an athlete and trainer, he remains loyal to The Depot’s goal to inspire others through movement; sharing with people of all ages how to overcome obstacles in their life while teaching them the movements of Parkour, Free Running, and American Ninja Warrior.