With over 6,000 Square ft. of space, and with safety being a top priority, dexterity Depot is the perfect place to learn Parkour, Ninja Warrior, or both, or take your skills to the next level.

Check out what the depot has to offer below:



The Depot’s Parkour setup offers a countless amount of possibilities, jumps and challenges for all skill levels and styles of movement!


Ninja Warrior

Our Ninja setup is super versatile and can be easily changed and adjusted to challenge all skill levels, ages and sizes!

Obstacles include:

  • Warped Wall

  • Double Salmon Ladder

  • Unstable Bridge

  • Ultimate Cliffhanger

  • Vertical Limit

  • Quad Steps

  • Cannonballs, Nunchucks and various other grip obstacles

  • Devil Steps

  • Floating Doors

  • Door Knob Arch

  • Ring Toss

  • Jumping Spider

  • Floating Monkey Bars

  • Wingnuts

  • Battering Ram

  • Various balance obstacles

  • Rope Swing

  • Cane Lane

  • Sonic Curve

  • Rope Climb



Trampoline and Foam Pit

Our Trampoline and Foam Pit are both great tools to help you learn all types of flips and twists!


Rock Wall and Campus Board

Our Rock Wall and Campus Board are both great tools to help you increase your strength and supplement your Ninja training!