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Tara is a graduate of West Virginia University, and also shares an alma matter with Tim Dexter, getting her Cumberland Valley High School diploma “just a few” years before he graduated.


Starting at the age of 12, Tara worked in (and years later co-owned) a manufacturing company founded by her late grandfather in 1978. She sold the company in 2015 to follow her new-found passion for health and wellness.

Headshot of Tara Brown, owner of Dexterity Depot

Tara was hesitant when approached to invest in a business concept with a then 20 year old college student. However, within minutes of meeting Tim and hearing his proposal, she was sold. His excitement about Ninja and Parkour and his passion for teaching and helping others was contagious.


Since then, Tara has worked alongside Tim to help turn his lifelong dream into a reality here in Central PA. She is extremely proud of her involvement with Dexterity Depot and can’t wait to see how it continues to grow as a business as well as a community. The smiling faces she gets to see day after day are the icing on the cake!


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