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Head Coach

Growing up, Alex was not very athletic, and he spent most of his time in his room playing Minecraft. He was very introverted and had a lot of social anxiety. It wasn’t until Alex first stepped foot into a Parkour/Ninja gym in 2013 that this all changed. 

Alex saw American Ninja Warrior on TV one day and wondered if there was a gym that would teach him how to do the obstacles he saw. He did a quick search and found a nearby gym called Alternate Routes, one of the first Ninja/Parkour Gyms in the country.

Headshot of Alex Moseley, head coach of Dexterity Depot

Over time, Alex's involvement in the Parkour/Ninja community really helped Alex to open up. He became more confident, more social, and developed a deep passion for both Parkour and Ninja. Alternate Routes became a second home to Alex. He was there almost everyday training and being involved in the community. In time, he was offered a trainer position and eventually became the General Manager.


Alex worked as the General Manager of Alternate Routes up until its very unfortunate close in 2020, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Shortly after the closing, Alex was offered a position at Dexterity Depot.

With his many years of training and experience, Alex is an absolute beast. He has competed against many of the top Ninja athletes from around the country at various competitions, and he has even beaten a number of them.


Though Alex is an incredibly strong Ninja athlete, his true passion is Parkour. He is an incredibly well-rounded athlete from his knowledge of flips and twists to his fundamental Parkour movements. However, Alex’s specialty is Laches. He has insane power in his swings. There are very few people out there who have his level of knowledge and skill.


On top of being an amazing athlete, Alex is an outstanding coach. He has been coaching since 2015 and has a vast expanse of experience and knowledge from his many years of coaching, training, and competing.


Alex is extremely passionate about what he does, which is contagious. Because of his history, Alex can relate and connect to a wide array of students to help them to become the best they can be. Alex’s knowledge and expertise as an athlete, coach, gym manager, and more are invaluable assets to The Depot! We are beyond grateful to have Alex as a part of the family! 


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