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Participants are expected to know and understand the following rules.


  • You MUST have closed-toe shoes on in all areas of the gym.

  • No food or drink is permitted beyond the black rubber floors, unless permitted by a staff member.

  • Remove ALL items from your pockets.

  • Keep your hands, feet and other body parts to yourself at all times.

  • No playing tag off the quad, hide and seek, etc, without permission from a staff member.

  • Always be mindful of your surroundings and look before you run or walk in front of an obstacle or area where people are training.

  • No cutting in line, wait your turn patiently if there is a line for something you would like to try.

  • ALWAYS listen to and follow instructions from staff members at all times.


  • When applying chalk, keep your hands in the bucket.

  • Keep chalk inside the bucket at all times.

  • Do not clap with chalk on your hands. Do not blow the chalk off your hands.

  • Do not intentionally leave chalk prints or draw with the chalk on equipment.

  • Do not wash the chalk off your hands in the water fountain.

  • If you have your own chalk bag, the rules above still apply when in our facility.


  • No sitting or laying on the mats. After landing, get off the mats.

  • When trying an obstacle that is off the ground, you must always have a non-folding black Norberts mat under you. If there is not one under an obstacle you would like to try, move one yourself or ask a staff member to assist you.

  • Do not stand on a mat that is not laying flat on the ground.

Gym Use:

  • DO NOT stand or climb on top of any obstacle that is intended for use of hands only, without permission from a staff member. (Examples: cliffhanger, wingnuts, campus board, devil steps, flying bar cradles, top of ninja cage, etc.) If you do not know what obstacles are intended for use of hands only, always ask a staff member before climbing on top of or standing on a specific obstacle.

  • Do not grab the white wall next to the Mega Warped Wall. Do not attempt to climb on or stand on the area above the lobby.

  • Do not attempt to climb on or stand on the area above the bathrooms.

  • Do not climb on or stand on top of the raised area above the glass doors in the back of the gym without permission from a staff member.

  • Do not top out on the rock wall. (climb on top)

  • Do not go behind the black curtains.


  • If you would like assistance with an obstacle or have any questions, feel free to ask a staff member!

  • If you do not understand any of the rules stated above, please speak with a staff member.

  • Safety is always our top priority, if you see something that you believe is unsafe or think something is unsafe, please speak to a staff member immediately.

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