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Tim Dexter, owner of Dexterity Depot, in a several stage shot image of him doing a flip off of a picnic table at a Central PA park

Ever since he was little, if there was something to jump off of, Tim Dexter was going to do it.

The beginning of Dexterity Depot can be traced back to Tim building his very own American Ninja Warrior Training Course in his parent's back yard.
Tim Dexter's American Ninja Warrior Training Course Obstacle 1
Tim Dexter's American Ninja Warrior Training Course Obstacle 2
Tim Dexter's American Ninja Warrior Training Course Obstacle 2

As a freshman in high school, Tim Dexter attempted to start a Parkour Club at school. However, due to liability issues, the participants in the club could not do too much movement.


Tim still wanted to share his love for movement with others, so he began teaching Parkour classes out of  a local park as Cumberland Valley Parkour with an an average of 10 students per class. Over its existence, Tim taught over 160 students.

Tim Dexter teaching students parkour and ninja warrior skills at Adams Ricci Park in Central PA
Owners Tim Dexter and Tara Brown wearing Dexterity Depot shirts at a Ninja Warrior Competition
Tim Dexter with a student, arms spread wide, right before a hug after his student ran the Ninja Warrior course at a competition

In the spring of 2018, Tim partnered with Tara Brown, and they started planning what they hoped would be Central PA's best Parkour and Ninja gym. Dexterity Depot opened in early 2019. 


Both Parkour and American Ninja Warrior (ANW) Training had a huge impact on Tim’s life and helped him overcome many mental and physical obstacles. What started out as a hobby and a way to cope with depression and anxiety soon became a calling for him. Tim knows firsthand that these disciplines can help others in the same way they helped him.


Tim easily shares his passion and love for movement with his students, and he strives to cultivate health and happiness for everyone who attends his class.

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