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Dexterity Depot's claim of being the area's elite parkour and ninja training facility is not an exaggeration.  There are no gimmicks or playground equipment here - just a gym that was designed strictly for parkour and ninja training.



Our Ninja class is a great way to get started with ninja training. If you are a fan of Ninja Warrior, are looking to advance your Ninja skills, or just curious about it, we can get you started (or more refined) here at The Depot.


Our Ninja classes push to increase obstacle efficiency, obstacle endurance, obstacle technique, and agility. We offer helpful instruction to help our students build and master the technique for each obstacle. The strength building and conditioning during training will help you become faster, stronger, and reach your full Ninja potential.

Dexterity Depot Student during Ninja Warrior Class
Dexterity Depot Student during Parkour class jumping over an obstacle


Our Parkour classes are a great way to increase confidence, agility, balance, strength, coordination, body awareness, and more! You will progress through Dexterity Depot's level system, while learning and mastering various Parkour skills and techniques along the way.


We offer both a beginner and advanced class, and our curriculum will help you to become a well rounded and diverse Parkour practitioner - for both kids and adults alike.

The beginner class is the perfect class for those just getting started with Parkour movements or for those who have limited Parkour experience. Students will learn the basic Parkour movements and techniques and progress safely to learn more advanced skills and techniques.

The advanced class is the perfect option for those who have previous experience. This class moves at a faster pace and covers more advanced skills and techniques, and it will help experienced practitioners gain further mastery of their skills as well as unlock new skills, too.

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