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Head Coach

When Matt was younger, he was never able to fit in. He enjoyed sports, but was never good at any of them. He played Basketball, football, soccer, and baseball, but none of them seemed to click with him.


In 2013, Matt first saw American Ninja Warrior on TV and was hooked. At that time there was only a handful of Ninja Gyms in the country. Matt needed somewhere to train, so with the help of his father Matt began building Ninja obstacles to train on.

Headshot of Head Coach Matt Bradly, an American Ninja Warrior who trains at Dexterity Depot

The first of which was the Cliffhanger. After this first build, Matt and his father continued building various Ninja obstacles for Matt to train on. All of these builds culminated with The Barn. The Barn is filled with a large variety of obstacles ranging from flying bars, cliffhangers, vertical limits, and much more. Matt spent countless hours in The Barn training and developing his skills. As Matt got stronger, the obstacles in The Barn got more and more difficult. 

Nowadays, the Barn is infamous in the Ninja community for having some of the most difficult obstacles around. Many of the top level Ninja Athletes from around the country have made the pilgrimage to The Barn to train on these incredibly difficult obstacles. Not only do these top level athletes come from all over to train at The Barn, they come to train with Matt.


Through his countless hours spent training in The Barn and at various Ninja Gyms around the country, Matt has become one of the strongest Ninja Athletes in the world. His skills and strength are beyond impressive. He has competed in many Ninja competitions around the country including Season 13 of American Ninja Warrior. Matt eats, sleeps, and breaths Ninja. 

Not only is Matt an incredible athlete, he is also a great coach. He has been coaching at Ninja Gyms since 2016. Matt is extremely passionate about Ninja to say the least. In fact, Ninja is the most important thing in Matt’s life. His passion and drive for Ninja are contagious to his students.


Matt has a wealth of knowledge in technique, training methods, competition experience, and much more that he is able to share. He has coached multiple athletes to winning the NNL World Championships. We are beyond grateful to have Matt on the DXD Staff!


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