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Is Parkour and Ninja Warrior Training Safe?

Young athlete at World Championships for Ninja wearing a Dexterity Depot Ninja Jersey

Every athletic activity has the potential to be dangerous if not practiced safely. However, if practiced safely, Parkour and Ninja have a much lower risk for injury compared to more mainstream sports. This is due to progression.

Every movement and skill in both Parkour and Ninja have a progression to them. You start at the beginning, and you slowly progress your way up while strengthening both mind and body in order to do more advanced skills.

At Dexterity Depot, safety is always a top priority. We teach our students both healthy and safe training methods in order to avoid and minimize the risk of injury. We teach our students all the progressions to movements and skills so that they can work their way up to more advanced skills safely. We teach our students to understand their limits and to not push themselves too hard to the point of injury.

Accidents do happen sometimes, and that is why at Dexterity Depot, we have some of the best mats and pads available including 12" crash pads, foam pit, and more.


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