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What's the difference between Parkour and Ninja Warrior Training?

Teen girl at Dexterity Depot doing Ninja Warrior Training in Central PA

American Ninja Warrior or Ninja Warrior (Sasuke) is the world’s most difficult obstacle course. Originating in Japan, the obstacle course consists of four grueling stages that test every physical athletic ability such as grip strength, balance, speed, agility, lower body strength, upper body strength, and hand-eye coordination.

Parkour is an art of movement, a creative expression of one’s self. Parkour is all about overcoming obstacles - not just physical obstacles such as a wall or handrail - but mental and emotional obstacles as well. Parkour is all about getting from point A to B in the most efficient way possible. It encompasses many different movements such as vaulting, jumping, climbing, and flipping. Movements from other disciplines such as gymnastics, break dancing, and martial arts have also been integrated into Parkour.

Although Parkour and Ninja are both about overcoming obstacles, they are each very different in terms of skill needs, execution, and philosophy. Even though they are very different, they do share some of the same movements, and there are great ways to cross train for one another. For example, many Parkour movements are used in Ninja obstacles and obstacle courses like a wall run and the warped wall.


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